Planning the Big Day

So you’ve just got engaged. You realise this means you need to plan an event. Quite a big one in fact. You start to write a list of things to decide. You flounder. You postpone that and start a guest list. You can’t both agree on who should be invited and the possibilities seem endless. You need help!


Well, as Douglas Adams said in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Don’t Panic. There are people who can help.


First of all, take your time. Unless you want to get married in a couple of months you have time to properly understand what kind of day you want and research how that can come about. A great place to start is a wedding blog, and there are some great ones.

Plans and Presents (MrsPandP)


Wedding blogger Alison Tinlin has many years’ experience in the wedding industry and was previously a wedding and event planner.


Her love of all things wedding shines through in her blog and in her many reviews of venues, suppliers & wedding fashion. While she is based in Scotland, Alison covers weddings all over the country and indeed the world, and reading her past blogs and reviews will give you loads of ideas on wedding possibilities for your special day. She has also written a lovely review of Grassmarket Centre as an ethical wedding venue choice.


Plans and Presents has a great wedding advice section where you can read about everything from taking the stress out of planning to alternative wedding shoes.


There’s also plenty of real-life wedding inspiration. Here’s Taye & Justin who got married at Crichton Church and had their reception at Easterbrook Hall.

Images by Tom Cairns Photography

We Fell in Love blog

Another Scottish wedding blog, which features weddings around the world as well as in Scotland, is We Fell in Love. This blog was set up by two wedding photographers, Christina and Alie.


Christina & Alie love the diversity of the Scottish wedding scene, and the fact that you can legally get married anywhere means they can be blogging about some very unusual weddings! To quote them:

“One of the best things about Scotland is that you can (legally) get married practically anywhere here – on a mountain, in a distillery, by a lighthouse, the list really is endless!
From handfastings (where the couple are literally bound together) to drinking whisky from the quaich (the Scottish cup of friendship), there are so many wonderful Scottish traditions that can be incorporated into the ceremony. At the time of writing, Scotland is one of just 10 countries in the world where Humanist ceremonies are legal, and couples are really able to personalise this part of the day. It’s beautiful to see!”


Their advice for brides and grooms? Do it your own way. All that matters is your future life together.



And if you want the world to know about your special day, submit it to We Fell in Love



Braw Brides blog


And last but by no means least, here’s Heather from Braw Brides.


Braw Brides is based in Glasgow and has great supplier inspiration for you with a library of ideas from cakes to entertainment. Vintage photo booth anyone? Try the Bygone Photobooth Company.


There is plenty of wedding inspiration for you and real life blogs from brides and grooms to be.Here are Jenny & Craig who were married at West Brewery in Glasgow.

Photography by Rooftop Mosaic

In addition Braw Brides have been running highly popular wedding workshops with selected suppliers – much more intimate than a wedding show and much more chance to ask any questions you may need and learn about the infinite possibilities out there. The next workshop will be in March 2017.


There’s almost limitless resources out there but this was a selection of wedding experts here in Scotland. Next blog: photographers.

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