A Sense of Community

What better place to get married than in a friendly, supportive community?

Grassmarket Community Project is a social enterprise which relies on community spirit. From the hems of our Greyfriars Tartan kilts to the icing on our delicious cakes in the Café, community spirit is what makes us special.


This is why it’s so wonderful when we can stage celebration events in the Grassmarket Centre. And what could be a more happy occasion than a wedding? We haven’t held many weddings yet, but that’s all about to change. There are going to be a lot more of these special events happening in forthcoming months and we can’t wait!


Grassmarket Centre do weddings?!
Yep. We know you might not expect it along with the Greyfriars Tartan and sewing classes, the Grassmarket Café and hospitality training, the Grassmarket Furniture commissions and the woodworking classes, the free film showings with Grassmarket Listings. But we couldn’t resist, because Grassmarket Centre is a FABULOUS wedding venue!
Here’s why you should tell all your friends that they should get married here (unless they are already happily married. In which case getting married again would be inadvisable, and illegal, and they should have an anniversary party here instead.):
A super central location in Edinburgh’s historic heart, nestled into Grassmarket’s Old Town area and with a splendid view of Edinburgh Castle from our back door, and photo opportunities in the lush green Greyfriars Courtyard.


Our architectural award-winning building marries the historic city’s Old Town architecture with a light, modern, adaptable space. Our state of the art sound system, used to great effect by the Fringe all August, will make your entertainment sound great, and should you wish to have a room for changing, or for entertaining the littlies, we can accommodate that.


If you thought you couldn’t afford to get married in Central Edinburgh we may be able to change your mind, with our reasonably priced packages starting from just £20 per person.


We have highly experienced staff who can cater to your taste and make sure your day goes according to plan. We can also help you plan!


You can have a #sociallyconscious wedding at no extra cost, since you will be contributing to the running of our social enterprise which exists for the benefit of our members.


So there’s five reasons to tell the world they should get married in Grassmarket Centre. We’ll leave it there for now.









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